Destructured Subscriptions

From: 69,00 / month with 1 month free trial and a 5,00 sign-up fee

This subscription allows to seamlessly play motion designs, video art, live performances and digital processes towards a set of destructed screens/LEDs.

Custom production is required for specific rotations and set-ups, including large and multiple broadcasts.


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The subscription broadcasts towards one or multiple destructed displays in common areas of cafés, restaurants, hotels, waiting rooms, lobbies.

Select digital exhibitions for deconstructed displays from the artists that permit such displays, mostly from graphic design, live performances and digital processes.

For specific layouts or for large surfaces (above 240 inches/6.1 m largest diagonal), please contact us for estimates and adjustments of broadcasts to your requirements.

Destructured largest diagonal

less than 120" or 3m, up to 240" or 6m