Be surrounded wherever you are by your favourite artworks or discover others.

WallMuse is an application that offers affordable and easy access to art in high definition in the environment of your choice.

WallMuse is a new tool for artists, curators, and cultural or multimedia professionals and the distribution of their work. access to the arts and make Digital Exhibitions curation possible to all.

For instance, one screen can show media of a work and another can show an interview or comments. The complementary outputs are synchronized by the Digital Exhibitions that are not limited to 2 devices.

WallMuse provides access to high quality exhibitions for a public wishing to enjoy normally inaccessible exhibitions in the location of their choice.

WallMuse is also a new way of sharing digital exhibitions, using different formats that can be shown simultaneously on multiple screens/devices in a complementary way.

WallMuse, is an “à la carte” application. WallMuse may be adapted to the needs of different users and offers different types of subscriptions:
  • Subscriptions to home amateurs and lovers to enhance their interiors
  • An educational offer for to teachers, facilitators and learners
  • An offer for artists to present their work as well as independent curators
  • An offer to galleries and artist they represent
  • Hospitality & transport subscriptions for businesses that require cultural content for their pubic spaces
  • A professional offer to museums and art centres, also festivals to distribute their events and collections