Digital Exhibitions


Share and Watch

Art rewards those who watch and share it!

Modern to classics

The Artworks of the last 100 years are full of wonders that can rarely be shared because of very sensitive intellectual property rights.

An App+ Catalog

Wallmuse: an application and a catalog. We do not own the contents. Secure platform for sharing art while respecting artists' rights (secure DRM).

Multi device

WallMuse plays photo, video, 2.5D and interactive 3D restitutions on multiple devices and displays, landscapes or portraits. 

Wow satisfaction

Digital exhibitions enrich those who experience them.
Art increases satisfaction and well-being, and offers the opportunity to share.

Some Exhibitions and Films


art films

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Set Up

For public and private spaces

Select a subcription, that corresponds to your profile.

Download WallMuse on each computer you plan to use.

Select exhibitions you wish to play.

The exhibitions will play one after the other as playlists.

Compose according to your available devices and displays.


For All

The value chain is endless when art is everywhere

A secure platform to broadcast digital exhibitions, artworks and events through a DRM and encryption of contents.
Custom sites are proposed for different approaches


Creation of exhibitions or multimedia discourses within a group, encouraging sharing and cooperation.


Soyez entouré où que vous soyez par vos œuvres d’art préférées ou découvrez en d’autres

Concerning health, retail, hospitality and transport, provide new memorable experiences