Art rewards those who watch and share!


From Classics to Contemporary

The Artworks of the last 100 years are full of wonders that can rarely be shared because of sensitive intellectual property rights.

DRM handling copyright

An App+ Catalog

WallMuse: an application and a catalog. We do not own the contents. A secure platform for sharing while respecting the various rights (DRM).


Synched Displays

WallMuse plays photo, video, 2.5D and interactive 3D creations or restitutions on multiple devices and displays, in landscape or portrait modes.


Wow Satisfaction

Digital exhibitions enrich those who experience them. Art increases satisfaction and well-being, and can now digitally be shared.

Some Digital Exhibitions Eng


Some Digital Exhibitions Eng
Slide One – test

art films

Slide One - test
Slide Two
Slide Two
Slide Three
Slide Three



Select a free or premium subscription, that corresponds to your requirements



Download WallMuse on each computer you plan to use as a exhibition player.



Select exhibitions in the catalogue or create your own, you wish to play.



The exhibitions will play one after the other as playlists. You can create different playlists.



Optionally, fine tune exhibition displays according to your preferences.

The digital exhibitions on a simple, multiple, video wall or destructured displays. Choose among HD or 4K, landscape or portrait formats. favour contemplation. Choose an exhibition for every day or select themes, as you prefer. Based upon your free or paid plan, select Creative Commons or Copyright artistic contents.

Discover artworks, movements and artists, but also paths that don’t exist, unknown shapes and world transpositions  Create also your own exhibitions.

The digital exhibitions on a simple, multiple, video wall or Provide new experiences for health, retail, hospitality and transport. Engage or architecturally standout.

Live and work at home with art around you. Transform your interiors. Enjoy thematic diners.

Smart TV solution


Exhibitions of 2D, 2.5D, 3D, 3.5D and 4D artworks


Free subscriptions are for Creative Commons contents

WallMuse is a multimedia application that aims to offer to professionals and their audiences affordable and easy access to artistic and cultural practices, visible in high definition, in the environment of their choice. WallMuse with strong protection (DRM) provides access to high-quality exhibitions with works of art, including those from the last 100 years under copyright and normally inaccessible. Read more

WallMuse uses push technology that is more environmentally friendly than streaming or pull technology which consumes 0.4 kg of CO2 per hour (source: IEA paper). See WallMuse and the environment.

Professional solutions for art & cultural mediators
International Art Film Festival
In preparation


WallMuse is an application that offers affordable and easy access to art in high definition in the environment of your choice.

WallMuse having a strong protection (DRM) provides access to high quality exhibitions with artworks  including those of the last 100 years under copyright normally inaccessible.

WallMuse is also a new way of sharing digital exhibitions, that can be shown simultaneously on multiple devices/displays in a complementary way.

WallMuse, is an “à la carte” application with:

  • Real estate solutions to augment value by integrating different exhibitions or unique themes
  • Health, retail, hospitality, transport and service solutions to sublime and enhance satisfaction
  • Home art experiences to enhance interiors, working from home, diners and more


  • Triptych synchronised augmentations using 2.5/parallax of masterpieces for an exhibition in a museum
  • Day-moment programming hotels using Great Day, Happy Hours and Chill exhibitions
  • Destructured integrations in bar shelves as a new design 
  • Meeting and hotel rooms with a choice of themes promoting concentration, the exhibition of the day to warmer loving atmospheres
  • Dinning exhibitions with a cuisine respectful of the reproduction calendar of fish and crustaceans with immersions opposing human and underwater activity, an ancient Greek cuisine with Contemporary Antiques exhibitions

WallMuse has R&D tax credit and young innovative company labels by French Ministry of Education and Research and has received support from Ile-de-France Region and Creative Media of the European Commission. It is a licensed drone operator under no ED14402.

Other services

WallMuse also provides solutions for education, custom sites and artists and their mediators. Finally we provide research and support in the fields of digital culture, education and technological R&D.

Other details

The company is registered in Paris France (534832621 Paris, VAT FR20534832621).

Address: 10, rue de Penthievre,  75008 Paris France. Email:

WallMuse uses push technology that is more environmentally friendly than streaming or pull technology which consumes 0.4 kg of CO2 per hour (source: IEA paper).

See also WallMuse and the environment.