Education & Training

WallMuse offers the education and learning sectors (whether interested in learning methods, multimedia research or the arts) the possibility to create exhibitions or multimedia discourses either individually or in collaboration with a wider group. A number of contents will be made available for education and learning.


E-Montages used as a learning approach

E-learning is often a top-down process. Even in interactive environments, participatory progress remains peripheral. Learners are seen as consumers who do not have influence on the design of the learning environment and practice. As participatory learning is proven to be relevant, motivating and effective, WallMuse wishes to make up for this lack of research by holistically integrating participatory models into e-learning.

The proposed participatory model uses the concept of e-Montages of different multimedia contents to enable collaboration among learners and facilitators. An e-Montage orchestrates upon a time line different multimedia materials for one or multiple complementary concurrent computers/screens organised as tracks. Concurrent tracks allow comparisons, explanations and the representation of different view points.

The project aims to analyse how learners may contribute and compile or create their own e-Montages, by collaboratively organising different multimedia materials, in order to illustrate and explain given subjects. Learners could use the wealth provided by the Internet and be assisted for e-Montage creation through semantic algorithms that suggest multimedia content. Learners could also include their own primary sources from their computer programs, mobile phones or cameras.


Open distance-learning program for artistic and cultural education



Open distance education framework for artistic and cultural education