Home Subscriptions (personal usage)

9,00 / month with 1 month free trial and a 1,00 sign-up fee

This subscription allows to seamlessly play digital exhibitions towards one or multiple displays.

Standard type of subscriptions may be HD or UHD (4K) displays smaller to 95 inches (241 cm).

Please contact us regarding buildings, larger complexes and custom surfaces.

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This subscription allows to seamlessly play digital exhibitions on your choice towards displays of your choice.

One or more PC Players are needed so configured to its display(s), connected TV(s). Only one personnal space is possible for this subscription (e.g. a house, an apparatement).

For multiple synchronized screens or projectors, select digital exhibitions for multiple displays.

Alternatively, check out our online streaming solution for an online streaming service not required an installation.

Currently Windows and Mac PCs can be used, Intel® Core™ i5 Processors are required for simple installations, and
i7 Processors for 4K or multiple synchronised displays.

A 50% reduced price will apply during the sanitary crisis.

The Terms of Service may be found here.