Public Spaces

From: 660,00 / year

This subscription allows to seamlessly play digital exhibitions towards one or multiple displays of various types: one or many synched HD and UHD portrait or landscape displays, video walls, destructured installations.

Includes software maintenance within 24 h week days.


The Public Spaces’ subscription plays art exhibitions for various types of displays in public areas (hospitality, transport, health, retail, …).

Select among the many digital exhibitions from impressionism to latest contemporary art, Play and create your own playlists. Those suitable for HD and UHD portaits, landscapes, video walls and destructured installations that are indicated as filters (>Catalog). For multiple synchronized screens or projectors, select digital exhibitions for multiple displays.

One or more PC Players may be needed so configured to its display(s), connected TV(s). Currently Windows and Mac PCs can be used, Intel® Processors are required for simple installations, and i5/i7 Processors for 4K or multiple synchronised displays. (>Play >Install)

The total of diagonals the displays upto 100 inches (254 cm) are used to calculate costs starting at 660 Euros / year. Larger surfaces can be ordered with additional 100 inches diagonal sizes at 250 Euros.

Contents may be under Copyright, Creative Commons or in the Public Domain, cleared through WallMuse’s DRM.

Sum of diagonals less or equal to

100 inches (254 cm), 200 inches (508 cm), 300 inches (762 cm)