Open or Distance Learning Programs

From: 10,00 / year

The programs are suitable for arts and cultural education activities that encourage out-of-school group activities.

Different thematic families could be proposed:

  • visual arts (from ancient to today, that includes photography, experimental art, video art and digital art)
  • transversal themes: light, women or any subject with a certain number
  • by “tags” to decipher works from all angles: technical, cultural, artistic, social, economic

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Within the context of Arts and Cultural Education, the platform:

  • Values museum collections and other open repositories
  • Integrates new educational content, including those of facilitators/learners
  • Facilitates cooperations and sharing of the exhibitions, among groups or classes, locally , nationally or internationally

Broad objectives include:

  • participatory approaches that promotes motivation and creativity
  • group cooperation and working together
  • sharing of existing resources
  • Raise awareness of, and interact with, new digital writings/curations, its different possibilities
  • Use available artistic content but also those captured or prepared by groups and their learners
  • Present exhibits/exhibitions to the class, between classes, or to a broader public

Necessary platform developments are currently underway so most of the platform will be accessible by mobiles, tablets, HD and 4K interfaces.

Costs are one Euro per account per year, remote support and pilots included.

For other requests including integration/white label versions, please contact us.

Number of accounts

max 10, max 100, max 1 000, max 10 000