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  • Public Space / Transport / Restaurant & Shop / Service: 街頭、交通機関や公共エリア、商業施設内のオープンスペース、ロビー・受付など、人の集まる空間に。
  • Home Use: ご自宅でいつでも本物のアートを鑑賞でき、またリビングなどのハイクオリティな空間創りにもご活用頂けます。
Alexandre Z. Khan
Alexandre Z. Khan
Coordinator & Founder
Fréderic Ortun
Frédéric Ortun
Architect & Developer
Pascal Humbert
Pascal Humbert
Financial Expertise
The company

WallMuse has R&D tax credit and young innovative company labels by French Ministry of Education and Research and has received support from Ile-de-France Region and Creative Media of the European Commission.

The company is registered in Paris France (534832621 Paris, VAT FR20534832621).

Email: info@wallmuse.com  

Address: 10, rue de Penthievre,  75008 Paris France

WallMuse also provides solutions for education, custom sites and artists and their mediators. Finally we provide research and support in the fields of digital culture, education and technological R&D.

Environmental Engagement

WallMuse uses push technology that is more environmentally friendly than streaming or pull technology which consumes 0.4 kg of CO2 per hour (source: IEA paper).

See also WallMuse and the environment.